Aug 26 COVID Policy Update

Each quarter, the NBCDS Board considers revisions to our COVID Safety Policy. On August 26, 2023, the NBCDS Board of Directors confirmed our COVID-19 policy without changes. Masks are optional for all participants including dancers. However, dance manager/programmer teams have the prerogative to set stricter protocols for their dance series and events. Currently, Sebastopol ECD requires masks, and our dance series do not. We will make a concerted effort to communicate masking requirements for each event on our online calendar, in email announcements, and on social media posts. NBCDS strongly encourages vaccination and current boosters. We remind people to refrain from attending events when they feel ill. We will continue to gather contact information at sign-in and ask participants to alert the organizer of any positive COVID-19 cases that emerge within a week of the event. To track trends and assess relative risk, the NBCDS Board and dance managers consult community wastewater viral load measurements that are published on for cities near our dances: San RafaelNapaSanta Rosa, and Petaluma.