Key Volunteers

Board Members

Jen Bamesberger, Board President
Contra Dancer

“Dancing is great for your physical health and nourishes your spirit. If the corners of your mouth are pointing up, you’re doing it right!”

Craig MeltznerCraig Meltzner, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer
English Country and Contra Dancer, Epicenter and Faultline committees, supports programmers and dance managers

“While we love dancing near-and-far, I’m happiest when I’m dancing with my friends locally in the North Bay and Bay Area. Come join us!”

Bonnie Richardson, Secretary
Caller, ECD programmer for Napa

Hideko OgaHideko Oga, Treasurer
English Country and Contra Dancer, Mad Robin Committee
“The original Sebastopol ECD caller, Lydee, invited me to Sunday dance around 1999. It took several years to get it. I did not understand the dances. I am a slow learner. Once started rolling, I haven’t stopped dancing ever since.”

Sarah LeeBoard Member
Contra Dance

Chris StadickBoard Member
Contra Dancer, Programmer, and Co-manager

Dance Managers and Programmers

Petaluma Contra Dance

Linda Howard-Out-going Programmer

Linda has programmed the Petaluma contra dance for over 20 years! We thank her for her unflagging effort to showcase both new talent and long-time favorites.  We’re actively looking for someone to step in to fill this role…let us know if you are interested.

Craig Meltzner, Manager


Santa Rosa Contra Dance

Chris Stadick-Programmer

Karen Frazier & Chris Stadick-Managers

As manager Karen has these words for newcomers: Contra is probably the very best dance you can do as a newcomer to dance because it is so easy – you don’t need to keep the beat perfectly or really know anything and beginner lessons are free before each dance. You will absolutely NOT find a better group of people to learn with – the people are warm and welcoming. It is a great workout. It is just a ton of fun. It is very inexpensive for a great evening.

Sebastopol English Country Dance

Kalia Kliban-Programmer

Nationally renowned caller for English Country Dance and contra, programmer for the Sebastopol English dance, founder of Apple Tree Morris.

Tom Spittler and Kathy Woeltjen- Managers

Welcoming and gracious team for the Sebastopol series on Sundays, Mad Robin Ball committee and hosts


Cathy Clary-Webmaster

We are currently seeking a Membership Coordinator; thanks to Andy Westbom for keeping track of our 2023 members to date.