About Our Dances

In the past decade and more, we have danced all over the place. NBCDS dances have moved around, always looking for the perfect dance halls in Sonoma County and Marin County. Our dances have grown to include more styles of dancing, more locations, both local and imported bands and callers, and many special events, workshops and dance weekends.

Regular Dance Series

Beginners’ Orientation

All regularly scheduled Contra and English Country dances feature a beginners’ orientation about a half-hour before the official beginning of the dance.


Admission rates for all regular, NBCDS-sponsored Contra and English Country dances are:

  • $13 for NBCDS members and for members of CDSS affiliates (e.g., BACDS);
  • $15 for non-members;
  • $8 for college students, people age 25 and under, and financially-challenged
  • $2 for children ages 6 – 17 and under age 6 free.

Admission rates for special Contra and English Country dances are often higher as these may have national talent, be special events, are of longer duration, or are holiday events.