Proposed Covid Policy Changes

NBCDS is considering changes to our Covid safety policy now that the pandemic appears to be evolving into an endemic. While our current requirements have helped to protect our community over the past several years, we believe now is a good time to consider modifying our policies.

NBCDS is considering discontinuing the vaccination requirement to attend our dances.
As the virus and the immunity of the population has evolved, it appears that the first round of vaccinations with one booster significantly reduced the risk of severe illness and death for vaccinated individuals. Unfortunately, those vaccinations no longer substantially reduce the potential of contracting SARS-CoV-2. The scientific literature suggests that additional boosters do reduce both the potential for an individual to catch and to spread Covid, but the effect on viral load diminishes after about two months.* At this time, it appears to us that vaccination boosters primarily protect the vaccinated individual and do not substantially reduce the spread of the disease. Because timing differs for each person’s booster eligibility, confirming proof of a “current” booster would be an ambiguous, logistical hurdle for dance managers. Additionally, the great majority of our dancers are vaccinated and boosted.

At this time, we will recommend continuing to require masks at our dances.
We will continue to review the literature on the use of masks to minimize the spread of Covid. 

Please let us know what you think about these proposed NBCDS Covid policy changes. Send your comments by email to by Sunday, February 12 so they can be shared with the NBCDS Board prior to the February board meeting when the Covid policy will be reviewed. Thank you for your input, participation, and support of our dance community as we have lived through almost three years of the pandemic.

The NBCDS Safety Committee: Jen Bamesberger, Craig Meltzner, Bonnie Richardson, and Tom Spittler

* Science, 25 January 2023.

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